Nomadic Dance Collective began when 3 movement artists with varying expertise (contact improvisation, contemporary dance, and butoh) came together to share movement artistry not only among each other but among intensive retreat participants. Together, we explored the margins between the disciplines and put it all together in the form of varying jams and performances.

The project has since grown to incorporate additional movement guides for month-long retreats. Our collective now has added a member specializing in theatre and another specializing in voice work. See the three month-long retreats happening for the months of March, April, and May below.


a site-specific movement residency

on Zlarin Island, CROATIA

10-DAYS / August 23rd – September 1st 2024

Come to surrender with us to the rhythms of nature in our immersive island residency, as we delve into the depths of artistic inquiry and communal connection.

Kiori, Concetta, and Alessia: three diverse artists — each representing distinct dance disciplines such as Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance and Butoh — reunite to generate a common field of exchange and to forge a shared platform of creativity. Emphasizing the essence of the creative process, this residency is dedicated to holding space for site-specific experiences.


Contact & Improvisation

Kiori is a dance performer / choreographer, interactive installation artist and educator. As a dance performance artist, she seeks to merge with her body, and to coexist within nature and all environments. She guides others in developing awareness, and an exploration of our conscious / unconscious choices through physical interaction between self and others.

Contemporary Dance

Concetta is a freelance dance practitioner and performer. In recent years, she has embraced a nomadic path that leads her to travel to different geographic and interior places, and that initiated her into a deeper exploration of the self, of personal development through meditative and somatic practices, and Contact Improvisation.

Butoh Dance Theatre

Adam is a butoh artist with a passion for connecting the world to butoh. He also has a passion for collaborating with other artists. He sees butoh as a means to re-adopt the body and break out of society’s limiting habits. He views the body as an enigma, a universe full of wonder where both surface and shadow are made to eventually dance together in harmony.