Vanessa is a dancer, yogini, and artist. She has studied to become a hairdresser and a beautician. Sha then started her nomadic life and traveled around the world for many years. Through her travels, she has explored and experienced the transformative healing power of different movement practices. It brought her to a deeper understanding of herself and nature, which she shares and transmits through her teachings.

Life is movement. Let yourself move to bring life to you. Come back to the connection with the elements which are in and around you and find the deep connection back to yourself. The elements in movement with yoga and dance are a natural way of healing.”

Vanessa is teaching and holding spaces at festivals, coordinating retreats, workshops, and classes in different countries, mainly Georgia, Germany, Austria, and Mexico. Her Contact Improvisation’s classes can vary in topics and focus: the natural elements, somatic exploration, and inquiries that grab our curiosity to research and learn together. She likes to dance with current topics in our lives and explore them on the dance floor. What we embody in the class will stay inside of us and perhaps become a part of who we are. Vanessa became a yoga teacher in Govardhan EcoVillage in India. She teaches Hatha, Vinyassa, and dance yoga and guides you to a meditative state through movement. She is the founder of Elemental-Movement and holds both live and online courses.

Nomadic Dance Collective Programs

April 4 thru April 29 | Dance Arts Healing Residency in Georgia (Info coming soon)

May 9 thru June 04 | Nunisi Body Retreat in Georgia