Spring Body Rebreath | Dance & Theatre Retreat

A month-long retreat including workshops of Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Butoh, Theatre, and Voice work with dance/music jams organized by Nomadic Dance Collective.

May 8th thru June 4th

We invite you to dedicate this time for the body, for re-entering the body as a source of creation and life. Since life is movement, we will do this while moving, sweating and unleashing our creativity.

This one-month long dance & theater retreat will be an opportunity for us all to connect with nature, with the elements, with our breath and our voice, and to allow for a full expression of ourselves to be reborn just as nature is doing so herself through Spring.

This program consists of 5 educators coming together around two themes: (1) breath/vibration and (2) Spring/nature.

Google maps: https://www.google.com/maps/search/nunisi+hotel+and+spa/

Space website: http://nunisi.ge/nu/home-en/?lang=en

A Residency with 5 Guides

Six educators will be a part of this program, but only 5 will be at the space at a time.

The program consists of the contemporary dance educators Concetta Cariello (Italy) and Loukiani Papadaki (Greece), the contact improvisation educator Vanessa Elemental (Germany), the site-specific physical theatre instructor Imre Van den Bosch (Netherlands), Evgeniya Melkonyan (Ukraine), and the butoh educator Adam Koan (USA).

Concetta (Contemporary Dance)

Concetta will offer contemporary dance classes, that upon up a space to cultivate and nurture the physical, emotional and mental bodies using a combination of improvisation, games, floorwork, and set phrases in order to challenge: the physical body in terms of coordination, strength and elasticity of the movement.

Loukiani (Contemporary Dance)

Loukiani in her contemporary dance classes will combine elements and tools that are inspired by multiple techniques such as release technique, somatics and martial arts to support the exploration of the mechanisms that our bodies hold. We seek joy, to strengthen our bodies, to release unwanted tension and increase the awareness in our bodies and mind coherence. 

Vanessa (Contact Improvisation)

Vanessa will offer contact improvisation. Her classes focus on the connection between oneself and others. Vanessa transmits to her classes the relationship between the elements (air, water, fire, and earth) and movement to gain a better understanding of our own nature. She includes somatic exploration, which can help to deepen one’s body connection to the dance.

Imre (Site-specific Theatre)

Imre’s guides from a theatre perspective with an aim is to accentuate the subtle world of connections in others. He uses location as a source for creation, and so is a site-specific educator.

He uses improvisation in different kinds of theatre methods, all based in the body as an instrument. He sees theatre as a tool to analyze and work with daily life interactions, which can help us to understand our emotions and feelings in connecting with one another.

Evgeniya (Voice work)

Evgeniya will guide vocal work. Each lesson includes work with 3 aspects that are involved in singing: Body. Breath. Voice and also meditative settings and energy practices. Before singing, we will tune our “instrument” and discover our internal tuning fork. Trance states of consciousness through sound, meditative music, vocal improvisation, freedom of creative self-expression, inner joy – these are topics that are somehow present in classes.

Adam (Butoh Dance Theatre)

Adam will guide butoh dance. Adam’s butoh guiding draws upon a multitude of exercises and perspectives that emphasize the body-mind connection, improvisation, imagination, shamanic motifs, and unlearning. It may be a rich resource for dancers, actors, performance artists, body workers, athletes, psychologists, and more.

When to join?

You are welcome to join the program for the whole month or for 3/2/1 week. And each week we will have one arrival day and one leaving day, so the group will be solid and together for the whole week.

All levels are welcome to join! We are looking forward to dance and share with you.


During the day, we will have 2 intensive dance/theatre classes, and programming in the evening. 3 days per week, there will be a morning yoga class. The schedule will be from Monday to Friday, with the weekend off.


The residency will be hosted in Georgia (the country) in the beautiful venue in nature at Nunisi, a retreat in the mountains with an abundance of trees and small mountains.