On July of 2021 at the Gomarduli retreat space in the country of Georgia, a collaborative project formed. Three dancers came together to form a 2-week performance retreat.

Kiori Kawai (Japan), a dance improvisation and contact improvisation educator, Concetta Cariello (Italy), an exploratory contemporary dance educator, and Adam Koan (USA), a butoh dance theatre educator joined together in putting together a performance retreat where our distinct movement disciplines would influence each other and the participants, which resulted in the creation of a multi-faceted traveling and multi-location performance.


1: of, relating to, or characteristic of nomads

// a nomadic tribe

// nomadic herders

2: roaming about from place to place aimlessly, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement

Because the performance retreat was a success, the three of us began planning future events. Leaving the Gomarduli space behind, we set out to continue the same idea of crossbreeding and collaborating with multiple genres of the movement arts.

We gave the project the name Nomadic Dance Collective.

The collective is not only nomadic geographically, but nomadic in our bodies. We are nomadic in our heads, nomadic in performance, and nomadic in life.

Below are the current following spaces, and there are interests in nomading even further.




Tiyatro Medresesi

Location 1: A large residence space (to be disclosed)

Location 2: Nunisi Forest Hotel & Spa in Georgia

A large residence space (to be disclosed)

Contemporary Dance

Contact Improvisation

Dance Improvisation

Butoh Dance Theatre

Physical Theatre

Somatics (Noguchi taiso)

Voice & Sound

Performance Art (Pending)

From its early conception, Nomadic Dance Collective was about putting different movement disciplines in one place and resonating with the resulting creative process.

These are distinct disciplines but what happens when they work together?

What unnamed new creations are possible when existing at the intermediary between specific and known body art forms?